PREMIERE: Figurehead Dish The Dirt On Classroom Politics With New Single ‘Teacher’s Pet’

Fremantle rockers Figurehead are tuned into the intricacies of classroom dynamics more than most rock bands, because, well, they still spend a lot of time in them. With their new single, premiering here today, the high school rockers are here to dish the dirt on Teacher’s Pets the world over, and it’s clear they’re having a lot of fun while they’re at it.

They say you should stick to writing about what you know, and on this Figurehead have nailed the brief, taking thematic inspiration from their lives as year 12 high school students in WA.

“Teacher’s Pet is a song about those kids in school that go over and beyond to be on a teacher’s good side,” explains lead singer Matt. “It’s about one of my mates at school that would go out of his way, writing essays and laugh at the teachers jokes not to better his grades but because he liked the attention. The song kind of makes fun of it for a bit but it’s also about how if you end up benefitting out of it or enjoying school a bit more then why not be friends with the teacher.”

While, lyrically, Figurehead are clearly drawing from their life experience, musically ‘Teacher’s Pet’ calls back to tracks of ’90s alt rock past, drawing comparisons to bands such as Wheatus, Weezer and Fountains of Wayne.

Give this 90s-inspired ode to classroom beuracracy a spin, here below.

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