Meet The New Major Label Signings

This week The General Pants Co label, Major Label releases the next round of new tracks for June from some of Australia’s most promising new young talent. Previous releases include Guineafowl, Circle Pit and Felicity Groom. You can stream the songs from this round of acts right here on Music Feeds before you grab the singles from itunes. We’ve done a background check on Myth & Tropics, Olympic Ayers and Crops and you can find the results below!

Myth & Tropics

MF: How did you guys meet?

M&T: I have known Liam since I was 17, visiting Queensland on the Sunshine Coast hanging out with other friends; he was playing in a band at the time. We celebrated New Year’s Eve up there and consumed a lot of alcohol. Everyone who was a part of it still refers to it as ‘The Drunk Summer’. Since then we have travelled over to the UK and shared a house in Sydney.

We did not have a drummer earlier in year, then Rebecca was recommended to Liam by his boss at the music school where he teaches. She came to a rehearsal and has been with us ever since. A very robust friendship.

MF: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

M&T: It depends on who is asking me. If a person who I feel is going to want to go in-depth detail about it, I will keep it very simple and say alternate rock. This goes for – most Grandparents, most parents and some big scary lads.

If it were someone I feel who would not want me to go in to the fine detail, I will say drone pop or post punk. Sometimes I will even concoct them together to make it sound like something incredibly different

MF: Tell us about the recording of Waikiki…

M&T: Liam and I completed the demo for Waikiki 71 late last year and wanted to re-record it as a single. At the time we were low on funds so we could not afford to go into a studio and record it.

In the end we got in contact with our friend Evan Mchugh to do the producing and mixing and recorded everything in my bedroom through an M-box on protools. Our minds were really scattered in regards to how it were to turn out. We were really happy with the results.

MF: What’s next on the agenda?

M&T: Our plans are to continue doing shows around Sydney to build up some finance. At the moment we are revising a lot of songs trying figure out to release another single, or a an EP.

We are doing one interstate show early next month in Melbourne, but I cannot release any more information about it just yet.

MF: If you could share the stage with any band, dead or alive, who would it be?

M&T: D.A.F. in the early 80s when they released Der Mussolini. XX Teens would be the other

Listen to Myth & Tropics – Waikiki ’71

[mf_audio stream=36195]




Music Feeds: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Crops: Always a tough one, kind of strange, atmospheric, dark synthpop stuff. But then I occasionally try and make some weird R&B or ambient thing.

MF: Tell us about how the song Ana came to be…

C: It was just me doing everything. I have a few synths I use a lot so its mostly one of those, I wanted to do a track with no snare in it and some old drum machines, with a spacious vibe. I got the rough music down and laid the vocal pretty much spur of the moment then spent a bit of time incorporating some other sounds. It’s all done at my home studio, I don’t have tons of gear, but I think it works better when you try to learn to use what you have well.

MF: What’s the highlight of your career thus far?

C: Well it’s pretty early days for this project. But I did get to meet and work with Julian Mendelsohn at his studio on his farm one time, and chat with him about his time working with Pet Shop Boys and Kate Bush.

MF: What’s next on the agenda?

C: I’ve a got a group of other tracks I’m working on finishing and then we’ll see. I want to make a real album rather than just a series of singles. I would like to find someone to help me release them and I’d like to play them live I think, I’m just trying to figure out how to do it in a good way.

MF: If you could share the stage with any band, dead or alive, who would it be?

C: Queen would be pretty rad. Imagine that.

Listen to Crops – Ana

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Olympic Ayres

Music Feeds: How did you guys meet?

Olympic Ayres: We met at a house party and shortly after we started DJing together at friend’s parties, weddings and bar-mitzvahs before realising we wanted to spend more time making our own music rather than playing hits from the 90s.

MF: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

OA: rhythmic algorithms of dance

MF: Tell us about the single Black and Blue?

OA: Black & Blue started off as a guitar loop, we kept adding stuff on top then rolled it out into a song. Much like how pizzas are made but without the cheese.

MF: What’s next on the agenda?

OA: Finishing off our second EP titled EP II at the moment, then we are working on our live show and continuing writing for our third EP titled EP III

If you could share the stage with any band, dead or alive, who would it be?

mmiiddii – The Neptunes, kam – Radiohead

Listen to Olympic Ayres – Black and Blue

[mf_audio stream=36197]



If you’re in a band and would like to be considered as a Major Label signing you can drop in a demo to any General Pants Co store or visit the General Pants Co website for more info.

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