PREMIERE: FRANCO Bring The Soul And The Funk On Debut EP

Pop and R&B duo FRANCO deliver lush soulful, funk-drenched vibes on their debut self-titled EP, premiering today on Music Feeds.

FRANCO is the moniker for the new musical project from star vocalist Natalie Slade and ARIA-nominated, Mercury Award winning producer/percussionist Plutonic Lab. The EP features the duo’s latest soulful jam ‘Money Over Matter’.

“I’ve been a fan of Natalie Slade since the moment I heard her and I knew I had to record with her,” says Plutonic Lab. “The FRANCO EP is a sonic diary of us getting to know each others music, tastes and style and figuring out what we can do together. I’m fascinated with how we interpret each others ideas, and things get transformed pretty quickly when we get creative.

“And now we’re mates and we make amazing music together. As a producer that’s an incredible gift I think. All the songs we’ve written so far were all mainly conceived while we’re just vibing in the studio together. It’s a sweet reprieve from the era of file sharing record making and I think it’s how I often work best.”

Give FRANCO’s self titled EP a spin here below.

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