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Kito Takes Us Track-By-Track On Her New Collaborative EP With Chrome Sparks

Introducing IS U IS U: the fresh collaborative project from global electronic music luminaries Kito and Chrome Sparks.

The super-duo have just unveiled their debut EP Melter, four tracks’ worth of collaborative production wizardry and indie-dance goodness. Here, one half of IS U IS U, Kito AKA Maaike Kito Lebbing, takes us through the origin story of each track on the extended player. Take a peep below to read all about it, and take each tune for a spin.

IS U IS U – ‘All I Need’

All I Need

This is the first track we ever made together and it’s actually where our duo name came from. The vocal sample is from an old Van Jess session and the lyrics are “All I Need Is You, Is You”.

Lights On

Lights on started with a bunch of amazing synth loops Jeremy did over a vocal sample I found from a Kllo session. I was playing quite a few festivals at the time and was super into these dance tracks that have a stripped back drop with just the bass, kick and vocal. I’ve been calling them “deconstructed dessert” drops.

Angel Girl

This one started off with a guitar loop I played and sped up- one of my favourite starting points for making tracks. This one also started off reallllly smashed and dirty, but we dialled it back and got it right, tossed a couple little vocal bits in there, and added one of my favourite moments on the EP, the big string section crescendo to the end. I could live in a version of just that string bit on loop. That’s my shit.


The heart of this one is a melody I programmed on a synth patch I made out of sampling some sounds from a rare synth at Ólafur Arnalds’s studio in Iceland. I love how each notes is slightly out of tune and has its own character- this synth, a Korg PS3100, has one oscillator per note on the keyboard, so in a sense, each note is its own instrument.

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