PREMIERE: Hanni El Khatib Hits Mexico In Corona Extra’s Epic Road Film ‘Someplace Else’

Having taken you under the hood of what drives creative minds like The Temper Trap, Angus Stone, The Delta Riggs, and Liam Finn, Corona Extra decided to set themselves the tough challenge of uncovering the common threads that link creative souls in different fields. Hint: it’s beer.

To complete their mission, Corona Extra assembled a crew of creatives — surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, muso Hanni El Khatib, skateboarder Andrew Brophy, artists Jeff Canham and Rose Ashton, and, to document it all, filmmaker Riley Blakeway — and sent them down Mexico way.

This free-wheelin’ and fun-lovin’ collective of strangers spent seven days and seven nights traveling the forgotten backroads of the Mexico coast, surfing, skating, painting, jamming, meeting the locals, getting lost, cementing friendships, and discovering that the creative heart lies Someplace Else.

“I would actually like to be on a bus trapped with these dudes all the time, after this trip,” Hanni told us, when we asked him of dream bus-mates. “It’s so hard to get the right chemistry amongst that many people. You know, if I started living with a bunch of bands that I love, I would probably end up hating their personalities or something. I would rather go on a skate surf trip. Fuck a music trip.”

Hanni said he and his travel partners employed the drifter spirit in dictating where the trip would take them. “I was just ready to go wherever anyone said to go. I mean the one main thing that I wanted to do was go visit towns and kind of explore and cruise around, which is kind of what we did.”

Music Feeds readers can now watch as these six unique strangers forge brilliant friendships and bank memories that will last a lifetime in the Riley Blakeway-directed short film Someplace Else, now available to stream in full on the Corona Extra website or right here on Music Feeds below.

Watch: Corona Extra presents Someplace Else

Gallery: Corona Extra presents Someplace Else

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