PREMIERE: Hue Blanes Unveils Stirring Video For ‘Fernando’

There are, undoubtedly, perks that come with the life of a famous, professional athlete but the intense pressure that accompanies worldwide acclaim can surely at times be debilitating. Though our worlds may be far apart, it seems anxiety and insecurity unite us all – from renowned soccer players to music journalists to enigmatic singer-songwriters, like Hue Blanes, for example.

The Melbourne pianist and songwriter’s latest single ‘Fernando’ takes cues from the life of “a troubled world famous soccer player” and explores what Blanes might have in common with the star. Blanes tells Music Feeds he was inspired to write the tune after reading a 1998 article about Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo suffering a panic attack before Brazil’s World Cup final against France.

“I was wondering if hugely successful sports players suffered loneliness and anxiety and when I read a story about one of my favourite players – Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima from Brazil – having a setback before a crucial game in the World Cup, I decided to write about the story from my perspective,” he explains.

“The song is mostly about how I sum up the situation if it was myself. I have got no idea what it is like to be a high-profile sportsperson but I no doubt wouldn’t be able to weigh up the emotional pressure of huge crowds yelling at you. It would be great when things go well, but horrible when things don’t go so well.”

The simple yet affecting video for the song amplifies this feeling of loneliness, a camera voyeuristically following Blanes as he meanders through Brunswick’s quiet streets. Apparently, the final video followed a botched attempt at another more complicated concept, perhaps another instance where things can go wrong when you’re under pressure.

‘Fernando’ will appear on Blanes’ forthcoming album Holiday (set for release on April 14), which sounds like it was written under very ~unique~ circumstances. “The album was written while I was living with a schizophrenic golfing marijuana shaman who spent 8 hours a day shaking maracas on his knees whilst massaging himself and giving complex advice on posture and world politics to the other housemates and myself… Things needed to change,” says Blanes.

“I wrote songs and got some new housemates. Meanwhile the shaman is living in a volcano in Nicaragua and having a great time and I’m releasing the album 3 years later and still in the same house.”

In support of the release, Blanes will play a limited run of intimate shows across Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Mullumbimby in April. Catch dates and watch the video for ‘Fernando’ below.

Holiday Tour Dates

Friday, 14th April

Minerva’s Books & Pot Of Gold Collectables, Ballarat

Saturday, 15th April

The Jazzlab With Special Guest Joe O’Connor,


Thursday, 20th April

Venue 505 With Special Guest Brian Campeau, Surry Hills, Sydney

Friday, 21st April

Smith’s Alternative With Special Guest Alice Cottee, Canberra

Saturday, 29th April

Drill Hall, Mullumbimby NSW

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