PREMIERE: Jacinta Lal Bursts Out Of The Gate On Fearless Debut EP ‘DIVYA’

On the opening track of her debut EP, Brisbane MC Jacinta Lal defiantly and with spitfire precision repeats the phrase “Sassy, Fiesty, Bossy”, triumphantly setting the tone of the body of work that follows.

DIVYA, which is premiering on Music Feeds today ahead of its release, is a deeply personal statement from the young MC, the word being both her middle name and its meaning, ‘divine’, drives the message of feminine power that runs through each of the EP’s six tracks.

“To me, DIVYA are the ones who dare to show the world their true colours. DIVYA are the ambitious, who fiercely go after their dreams,” explains Lal. “DIVYA are the strong-hearted. This does not mean they are not vulnerable. To me, DIVYA are the soulful who have been mocked and have felt pain. Lots of it. But DIVYA are the stubborn ones who get up over and over again despite being knocked over every single time before.”

The DIVYA EP is released Friday, July 9th but you can stream it ahead of time, right here.

LISTEN: Jacinta Lal – ‘DIVYA’ EP

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