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PREMIERE: Listen to Georgie Neilsen’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Ahead of Her Debut EP Arriving Next Month

Brisbane singer-songwriter Georgie Neilsen will release her debut solo EP Suburban Daze next month. Today, Music Feeds is premiering a new single lifted from the EP titled ‘Eyes Wide Open’, ahead of it arriving officially tomorrow. The track is a soaring country-pop ballad with nostalgic undertones that’s all about recognising your strength and moving forward.

According to Neilsen the song has gone through multiple forms – starting life as a heavy, guitar-driven song, shifting to a soulful folk tune, and then drawing influences from the likes of Haim and Katy Perry to reach its final form- “A sweet and sassy bop about reclaiming power and independence post-heartbreak.”

Listen to Georgie Neilsen’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Below

“In 2019, I found myself single and back at my parents’, in my room, writing songs about heartache,” Neilsen elaborates. “Yeah, okay, he was an asshole, but I was so hooked on the bullshit he spun about how great I was. I know it’s an old story but in the end he did me a favour and I was struck with a light bulb moment.”

“After seeing me in a big show at the Brisbane Powerhouse, one line from this boy freed me. He said, ‘You know what, you’re too good for me’ and in the silence amongst a crowd of people I said, ‘Yeah actually, I am.’ The line ‘I’m always eyes wide open, I’m always head and feet in the clouds” started as a feeling of weakness and turned into awareness of the sensitive but strong person I’d become.”

‘Eyes Wide Open’ is the third preview we’ve heard so far of Suburban Daze – which is set to arrive on Friday, 18th November – following its title track in 2020 and ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’ in June of this year.

“The order of the EP was never planned but as we were choosing and recording the songs that I wrote in my childhood bedroom, as I had done from adolescence to adulthood, Suburban Daze began to string together following a natural growth, from girl to woman,” Neilsen says.

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