PREMIERE: Jack Bratt’s ‘Spades’ Is A Dark And Stormy Anthemic Rocker

On his new single ‘Spades’, Brisbane songwriter Jack Bratt uses a brooding backdrop of melancholic guitar rock to meditate on personal anxieties.

Drawing from the same deck as The War on Drugs or Kingswood, there’s textural, atmospheric walls of sound punctuated by potent guitar lines, a propulsive rhythm section and Bratt’s own driving vocals. The end result is creating a kind of sharpness through the noise – like finding clarity through a fog.

“I’m a classic overthinker, and ‘Spades’ is a bit of a snapshot of me over-analysing everything,” he explains.

“It’s a lot about comparing where I’m at in my life to my friends and family, thinking about whether or not I’m where I should be compared to, say, when my parents were at the same age.”

Bratt won the Grant McLellan Fellowship last year and had planned to head to New York City in June for a three-month artist residency as a result. Those plans are somewhat up in the air at the moment due to coronavirus, but Bratt’s still hopeful he’ll be able to make it over.

“While this is obviously a pretty distressing time for all of us, I’m using the time wisely by writing a lot of music which I’m excited about. And I’m planning on still heading to New York as soon as the travel bans have been lifted.”

Stream ‘Spades’ below.

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