PREMIERE: Katie Thorne Flips Pain Into Pop Music on ‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’

Katie Thorne describes her new single, ‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’, as a “self-exorcism”. It’s a jazz-influenced pop song, drawing influence from Norah Jones and recalling Thorne’s contemporaries such as Gretta Ray and Thelma Plum. Music Feeds is premiering the track, along with Thorne’s self-directed music video.

‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’ is out on Tuesday, 26th July. It’s Thorne’s first single of 2022, following ‘In My Room’ from November 2021.

Katie Thorne – ‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’ (Official Video)

‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’ relates a tale of desperate longing and jealous obsession. “She’s got one sister and she’s from Canada, ” Thorne sings. “And on Tuesdays she goes to Pilates / And I’m like 80 weeks deep on her Instagram.”

Elsewhere, the song’s narrator feigns indifference. “That would be desperate and I’m so cool man,” she sings. “Not even interested at all.”

“[‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’] was written as a kind of self-exorcism to placate my very own green-eyed monster,” Katie Thorne said in a statement. “You know, say the bad thing out loud and then maybe it won’t feel so big. I’ve always been drawn to music that portrays the flawed woman who feels pain.”

Thorne stars in the music video, which was filmed and produced by Michael Conlon of Conlon Creative. Thorne plays herself (the song’s desperate narrator) and the fictive girlfriend, Kittie Vaughn. Mikey Petrie appears as the implied boyfriend.

‘I Hate Your Girlfriend’ is streaming everywhere on Tuesday, 26th July.

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