PREMIERE: Let Jess McAvoy Haunt & Empower You With New Single, ‘Everything Must Change’

USA-based Aussie Jess McAvoy has made their return today after two years of absence with the release of the colossal slow burner, ‘Everything Must Change’.

The sharp delivery of the verses and haunting repetition of the chorus is reminiscent of Mitski, and the searing, vast guitar lines are akin to something you’d hear from Karnivool – an influence of McAvoy’s.

“Karnivool are a huge influence of mine, and I’m always excited to chase epic soundscapes,” McAvoy said.

“Drew Goddard actually offered the idea of the half step modulation in the chorus which was genius in my opinion. Once I settled in Oklahoma to escape the challenges I was facing surviving in New York, I found what I call the ‘ ‘monologue’ section to further comment on my new experiences diving deeper into what motivates right wing ideology and the large swath of Trump supporters here in the midwest.”

McAvoy said that ‘Everything Must Change’ is about the chaos and uncertainty we all felt during the pandemic, made more poignant given how hard New York was hit by it.

This song started out as a way to process what was happening during the first weeks of the shelter in place order in New York at the top of the pandemic,” McAvoy said.

“As the chaos ensued, and the massive daily social justice protests fired up in The City, the song became a companion, and eventually took priority as a single.”

McAvoy will be playing ‘Everything Must Change’ and more as part of a virtual concert taking place on Saturday, 27th March. Head here for more information.

Listen to ‘Everything Must Change’ below.

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