PREMIERE: ‘Lonesome Blue’, The Debut EP From Sydney Alt-Country Duo Racing Birds

Sydney’s Jeremy Strother and Bobbie Lee Stamper are releasing their debut EP as Racing Birds this Thursday, 14th April. We’re premiering it on Music Feeds.

Lonesome Blue includes the track ‘Rarely Never Loaded’, which was released as Racing Birds’ debut single in March. The four-track release also includes ‘Silver Sun Bohemian’, ‘Vampires and LSD’ and the title track, ‘Lonesome Blue’. ‘Vampires and LSD’ provided the spark for the project.

“It’s a story about two lovers on the run, good at being bad,” said Strother, the band’s lead vocalist. “It’s Midwestern motels and desert highways. ‘She likes old cars and graveyards, distorted guitars . . . but I want you all to myself, start a family, made of vampires and LSD.’”

‘Vampires and LSD’ was new territory for Strother and Stamper, and it laid the groundwork for Lonesome Blue. “The way it came together gave us a really clear vision of how we wanted the EP to feel and sound; the lyrics, the screams, the guitars, the rhythm and the colors,” said Strother. “I think if we hadn’t written that song, and if it hadn’t come out the way it did, Racing Birds would probably not have become a band.”

Racing Birds cite acts such as The Black Keys, The Strokes and Kings of Leon as influences. Though, the majority of tracks on Lonesome Blue have a DIY, stripped back character. “Everything was done with just the two of us, a couple guitars, a laptop and whatever we could find around the garage to bang on,” said Stamper, the band’s lead guitarist. “I didn’t have a proper studio at the time so we set up in the front half of my garage, and there was a sheet hung up to hide the lawnmower.”

Listen to Lonesome Blue below ahead of its official release tomorrow (14th April).

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