Premiere: Mason Watts Yearns For A Lost Love In Stunning ‘Recovery’ Video

Anchored by a swelling, dramatic arrangement and a crescendoing, emotional vocal performance, Mason Watts’ hit single ‘Recovery’ see the artist reflect on a relationship taken for granted, while he pleads for a second chance. It’s this yearning for a lost love that is the driving narrative for the song’s video, premiering today on Music Feeds.

“‘Recovery’ came about following a real low point in my personal life,” explains Watts. “I took a relationship for granted without realising it until it was too late. I think the song really reflects this idea as well as my desperation and hope for a second chance.”

The video, starring dancer Lili Moir, was shot throughout the Toowoomba region, where the young Australian artist grew up, and highlights the area’s breathtaking, cinematic landscape.

“I had such a great time shooting this clip and I’m completely in love with the direction Digby Hogan (the director) took things creatively,” Mason tells Music Feeds. “The video adds such a beautiful layer of visual storytelling that ties in perfectly with ‘Recovery’.”

Watts is the most recent artist to join Michael Chugg and Andrew Stone’s new record label City Pop Records.

Watch the stunning visuals for ‘Recovery’ below.

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