PREMIERE: Morgan Bain Unveils Moving Visuals For His Latest Single ‘Blood’

Perth-bred, Melbourne-based artist Morgan Bain has given a stunning and beautiful depiction of mental health and male vulnerability in his video for latest single, ‘Blood.’

The song comes as a change of songwriting for Bain, whose style altered after completing a three-week long drive from Perth to Melbourne.

“On that drive I was contemplating a lot of things to do with my childhood,” he said in a statement, “and instead of writing really angry songs, which I’ve done many times, I’m now taking a slightly philosophical approach.”

The video, directed by Anneliese Hickey, strays away from any sort of narrative, and instead is a really interesting combination of colour and shape.

“We wanted to create something that contrasted against the heavy lyrics, emotive chords and construct the clip to feel a little unconventional and strange,” Hickey says.

“This video is all about Morgan being used as a lifeless prop to create new shapes and forms by the characters around him (almost like artworks).” 


Watch the video for ‘Blood’ below.

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