PREMIERE: Rising Star Pinkiscool Embraces Freedom In The Video For ‘Lose My Mind’

Sydney multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Murray – aka pinkiscool – shared latest single ‘Lose My Mind’ last month. It’s a whirring, anthemic cut indebted to the likes of alternative pop royalty The 1975 and Harry Styles, and recorded with Go Farther In Light co-producer Adrian Breakspear.

Following on from previous singles ‘flowers’ and ‘Mondays’, the latest from the songwriter – who cut his teeth DJing around the city’s club scene a couple years ago – is his most self-assured yet. As with his previous singles, it’s an eclectic track that, while proudly wearing its influences on its sleeve, feels fresh and impassioned.

“In an abstract way, ‘Lose My Mind’ is about the difficulty of letting someone go – be it a romantic relationship or the passing of loved ones – as well as the idea that loss is a universally difficult thing to cope with,” explains the songwriter.

“The lyrics explore the irony of happiness as a destination, something we are conditioned to believe we ‘arrive at’. When in reality, like everything, happiness comes and goes in stages. The song also focuses on the idea of imperfection; in the self, love, relationships, and the general idea of the human condition.”

Today, we’re premiering the video for ‘Lose My Mind’, which sees Murray and a companion traversing the city, running through its streets. It’s a simple but effective, gorgeously-shot clip that captures both the freedom and ache of youth – a theme expressed throughout the song itself.

Watch the video for ‘Lose My Mind’ below.

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