PREMIERE: PLGRMS Take Us On A Journey Into The Subconscious In New ‘Dream You Up’ Video

The dream of something you desire is often more intoxicating than the reality of it. There’s something so undoubtedly alluring and thrilling about the mystery connected to something or someone you want to know more about, and it’s that exact feeling Sydney-based duo PLGRMS are channelling on their latest single, ‘Dream You Up’, the video for which we’re premiering here today.

The brooding track and its accompanying animated visual feast showcase the best aspects of the Sydney duo’s approach to music – inventive electronic production mixed with warm vocals and a captivating story that hits you straight in the feels.

“When there’s mystery behind something or someone, it’s so interesting and intriguing. By nature, we just can’t help ourselves and want to find out what it is. It’s the anticipation and the thrill of what we don’t understand,” explains one-half of the duo, Jacob Pearson.

“But when you unveil the truth, the magic just disappears. So, it’s about stopping yourself from understanding it completely, so that thrill can hang around a bit longer.”

The video for the track draws us directly into that dream world, PLGRMS enlisting the talents of UK filmmaker and animator Stephen Smith. “We’ve always been really keen to do an animated video and ‘Dream You Up’ seemed the perfect song to do it,” PLGRMS’Jonathan Bowden tells Music Feeds. “Working with Stephen Smith (of Wobblylobster in the UK) has been great. He has really captured the mood of the song visually, taking the viewer on an abstract journey where make-believe is reality.”

‘Dream You Up’ will feature on the band’s debut album, anticipated to be released this year.

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