PREMIERE: Rage Against The Machine Meets Avril Lavigne On New Single From Brisbane’s He Danced Ivy, ‘Guillotines’

Brisbane party thrashers He Danced Ivy have unleashed an epic Frankenstein’s monster of a track dubbed ‘Guillotines’, which they’re billing as a stylistic cross between Rage Against The Machine and Avril Lavigne (Rage Against The Lavigne?)

But TBH we’re getting more of an Incubus-meets-Fair To Midland sort of vibe ourselves.

And no doubt you guys will draw your own comparisons (or possibly lack thereof) about this challenging number, which the band informs us was created through a clinical process of “jamming everything and anything together”.

“‘Guillotines’… really naturally fell together with pits and pieces of riffs and ideas that we had lying around,” explains bassist, Mitch.

“And we slapped a big o’l Avril Lavigne chorus in the middle,” adds vocalist, David Cheney.

Meanwhile, guitarist Sean Rudner explains that the lyrics of the song tell a story of “bruised egos and hilarity”.

“We thought it would be great to centre around the idea of being thrown out of a pub and trying to drunkenly explain your way out of a quickly escalating high stakes misunderstanding,” he says.

Experience He Danced Ivy’s ‘Guillotines’ premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below.


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