PREMIERE: Reilly Stapleton Hosts The Tea Party Of Your Nightmares In Dark ‘Impulse’ Video

Chaotic Halloween season is truly upon us and if you’re not feeling the horror vibes yet, Reilly Stapleton’s dark new ‘Impulse’ video should get you there.

What starts as your routine tea party quickly turns, well, bloody, as our protagonist sits and ponders, perhaps even plots, the gruesome deaths of her guests, picking them off one at a time. This clip is not for the faint of heart. Or stomach.

“Impulse is reflective of the constant battle between our negative impulsions and our inner consciousness that provides you with a positive moral compass,” Stapleton explains about the track. “The song uses violence, anger and control in order to convey this unavoidable conflict.”

The video, she explains, takes this concept to an extreme end. “The protagonist struggles with maintaining self-control when it comes to the loud and obnoxious guests, so she begins to imagine the ways in which the guests could be murdered and her mind can once again be at ease. The guests become more irritating as the event goes on and she becomes quite irrational and exasperated…on her final murder spree, it seems she may have gone too far – the audience will be left wondering if her impulse really did take control.”

To celebrate the clip’s release, Reilly Stapleton will be playing a residency at Mornington venue God’s Kitchen on the first Tuesday of every month until the end of the year, and an exclusive one-off show at Melbourne’s Grace Darling on November 1.

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