PREMIERE: Sannia Will Hit You Right In The Heartbroken Feels With Her Powerful Debut ‘Go And Get Over’

Melbourne singer-songwriter Sannia has unfurled her powerhouse debut single, a heartbreak anthem dubbed ‘Go And Get Over’.

The soulful slow-burning ballad is about the difficult process of moving on from lost love, and its towering high notes are guaranteed to hit you right in the feels region.

Sannia explains: “This song developed really organically for me, I was actually driving home late one night and just sort of started singing the first words that came to mind to keep myself awake…

“‘Go And Get Over’ is about literally just that, the cyclical process of moving on from someone while at the same time reminiscing on everything that was and what it’s become now, which I think a lot of people can relate to,” she continues.”You almost go through these sort of seven stages of grief – leaving them, missing them, going back, getting hurt, and trying to exact change – it takes its toll.”

Like the track, the official music video for ‘Go And Get Over’ is powerful yet beautifully minimal, delivering a stark message about the vulnerability of starting over.

Director Giulia Giannini McGauran explains: “The video clip explores the cycle of separation in relationships, from the routine developed after being in someones company for so long to working it out alone.

“Earlier in the clip we see synchronised motions and later things begin to separate into moving parts. The limited palette seeks to highlight how we remember things – only focusing on certain aspects.”

Watch the video premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, and you can also catch Sannia performing the song live on Friday, July 13 at the Wesley Anne in Northcote.

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