PREMIERE: Smoke Rings Have A Blast Telling You Where To Go In New ‘Go To Hell’ Video

Smoke Rings know how to have a good time, even when they’re telling you where to go, figuratively speaking. The Melbourne outfit are today unveiling the visuals for their catchy as all get out new tune ‘Go To Hell’, and like the band themselves, the clip is a barrel of fun.

Featuring the band going about their day together and jauntily singing along to the tune, the video was directed by Melbourne filmmaker and friend of the band Lara Kose. “She transformed our rehearsal space into a makeshift Karaoke room and followed us around for a day with a $70 hand-held camera,” explain the band. “It was honestly so much fun, and reflects us fairly accurately as individuals and as a band.”

The song itself, details Smoke Rings frontman Shane O’keeffe, is mostly about trying your best to not say the things you really, really want to say. “The song is 99% about ‘the elephant in the room’ between you and someone you care about, and keeping your mouth shut because if you tell them what you really think they are most likely going to tell you to ‘go to hell’. The other 1%…well, it just rhymed.”

You can catch Smoke Rings perform ‘Go To Hell’ live when they play Waywards in Sydney on Friday, 30th June.

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