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Image for PREMIERE: Stream Melbourne Psych-Pop Artist Edward R.’s ‘Body Corporate’ EP

PREMIERE: Stream Melbourne Psych-Pop Artist Edward R.’s ‘Body Corporate’ EP

Written by Jackson Langford on October 11, 2018

Get your tissues ready, because Melbourne psych-pop musician and producer Edward R. is back with more hyper-fresh melodies on brand new EP, Body Corporate.

Crammed with sunset synths and neon moments, Body Corporate is five tracks where Edward R. uses his distinct yet powerful vocals to perfectly portray stories, whether they be of love or loss.

Edward R. also took some time out to give Music Feeds a detailed track-by-track explanation of the songs that make up the new EP, detailing what sort of place he was in when he wrote them.

Stream Body Corporate and read the track-by-track in full, below. The EP will be released this Friday, 12th October, as the follow-up to Edward R.’s 2016 debut EP Agrabah.

Edward R. will embark on a series of east coast shows from mid-November. Details below.

Edward R. ‘Body Corporate’ Track-By-Track:


I had just relocated back home from time in and was in a period of turmoil and dismay. I had lost someone dear to me and needed to concede with my love for another. It’s odd, when I’m happy I write sad songs and when I’m sad I tend to write happy songs; maybe, pre-empting what’s to come, this song came from the latter.

Leave Here Alone:

Truth is, everyone loves the sound of their own name. It’s golden. Take that, and start to dig a little deeper, you start to massage the ego. Who doesn’t like people fussing over them, even the most humble can be turned into narcissistic brutes. I have been shown a world where if you become someone extravagant, someone apart of the bourgeois system, the loudest person in the room, then, you will be glorified amongst your piers. I needed to become that person to realise it’s skin deep. Its a trivial pursuit with no reward. It’s taken me many years to undo the years of poison, sewn into my life from people, that, at the end of the day don’t really care if you go to the party.

Why Won’t You Love Me?:

I’m just a commoner looking for love in a world; and, as time goes on, I’m discovering I know less and less about both of those things.

Way You Do:

I had been sitting on this song for a few years and it never really found a place in my heart. It’s taken many rebirths to find the core of this song and let it latch onto me. Every line in the verse has a different story in it depicting layers of a few struggles I was dealing with personally at the time. I returned to my true self (my spiritual self) somewhere along the way of writing this song and the phrase ‘nobody could love me the way you do’ was the sum of the story.

Carry Me:

This one was written around the same time as ‘Paradise’. Stemming from a darker time in my life, I was desperate. I was desperately seeking validation for my existence, desperately trying to find peace in turmoil, that, what felt like a burden on my shoulders, be lifted. I pencilled a prayer at some point during this time and it became my mantra, of sorts. Writing this got me out of that time and will stand as testament to believing in something greater than yourself.

Edward R. ‘Body Corporate’ Tour 2019

Tickets on sale now

Tuesday, 13th November
The Workers Club, Melbourne
Tickets: Facebook

Thursday, 15th November
Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney
Tickets: Facebook

Wednesday, 21st November
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets: Facebook

Friday, 23rd November
Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast
Tickets: Facebook

Wednesday, 28th November
The Gasometer Hotel (Upstairs), Melbourne
Tickets: Facebook

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