PREMIERE: Stream The Love Junkies’ Thrashing New EP ‘Cough And Splutter’ Here, Ahead Of Its Release

The Love Junkies are throwing caution to the wind and letting go on their thrashing, riot of a new EP ‘Cough And Splutter’ which we’re stoked to be premiering right here, right now.

Brimming with unbridled punk energy and raw, yet tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the five track EP came together after just a handful of studio jams and is the result of the band rekindling their love of making music for pure fun.

“The EP came together over about three or four jams. We originally had an entire album ready to go before we decided to take a break after our US tour mid ’16,” vocalist and guitarist, Mitch McDonald tells Music Feeds. “Coming back to it after six months felt a little stale, especially considering the reasons for having time off were due to exhaustion and illness and just being over the whole ‘band’ thing in general. We just wanted to have fun again and not be too emotionally invested in these songs. In time we’ll release a third album but until then we’re having too much fun winning songs in the studio and putting them out ASAP.”

And ASAP it will be, as ‘Cough and Splutter’ is but the first of two EPs to be released by The Love Junkies this year, both of which will be combined into a vinyl release in October.

“If it turns out this EP’s hell shit at least there’ll be another one in a couple of months,” adds McDonald, wryly. “If that’s also shit, well then maybe the next one will be better? I don’t know if it’s the ‘right’ attitude to have but it sure does feel nice not giving a fuck, and I do feel that comes across on the record.”

See for yourself when you give ‘Cough And Splutter’ a spin here below. Make sure to catch The Love Junkies on their road at their upcoming EP launch shows.

The Love Junkies EP Launch Shows

Friday, 30th June

Badlands, Perth

Thursday, 13th July

Hidden Treasures, Fremantle

Friday, 14th July

Yah Yah’s, Melbourne

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