PREMIERE: Listen to The Florets’ Debut Album ‘Permanent Glow’

Melbourne five-piece The Florets craft blissed-out psychedelic rock that’s at once sprawling and focused – leaning into lush, atmospheric soundscapes while guided by their infectious pop sensibilities.

Their debut album Permanent Glow, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives this Friday, 1st October, feels like a synthesis of these elements, with the eight songs that comprise the record drawing on a wide range of sonic influences while remaining coherent.

From the hazy, fuzzed-out rock of ‘Tip Toe’ to vibey, groove-heavy cuts like ‘Preacher’s Son’, to slow-burning, atmospheric album closer ‘Frozen Ground’, Permanent Glow takes a number of fascinating swerves in direction. The result is a truly unique listen that mirrors the lengthy songwriting and curatorial process that informed it.

“The album is pretty short and concise but it feels as if three LPs worth of material have been chopped, changed, turfed and tweaked to get to where the album sits now. We thought the album was ready for recording with around 10 tracks good to go in 2019,” explains bandleader Nicholas Dawes.

“Two years later and the sound and songs have changed so much that the initial album is barely recognisable anymore. We could actually release an entire B side album of these songs that contrast extremes of ballads becoming Kraut influenced pieces to weird folk dance melodies morphing into hip hop inspired drum beats and tempos.”

Listen to Permanent Glow below.

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