PREMIERE: Get Around Travalley’s Spicy New Song And Video ‘Dear Babe’

Travalley’s latest single ‘Dear Babe’ is an infectiously hooky slice of fuzzed out rock in the vein of Hockey Dad or Skegss, bolstered by driving rhythms, jangly guitars and sublime harmonies.

Lyrically, the latest song from the duo, brothers Levi and Sam Mellington, centres on a common problem – the inability to flirt or accurately express oneself.

“I always manage to say the wrong thing or give too much away too early which tends to end up in the “what if I said this” situation happening over and over again and then repeating the process with the same results,” Levi explains.

“About a year ago, I finally stuck to my guns and held back from blurting out everything about myself to a girl, I was so impressed with myself that I decided to write a song about all my past experiences, and now here we are! We just hope people really enjoy the song and get a laugh out of the film clip.”

The video for ‘Dear Babe’, filmed and edited by Gareth Harrison, sees the duo, brothers Levi and Sam Mellington, continue with what’s become an increasingly popular music video format for Aussie garage bands – excess. While DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats drank and smoked their way through their ‘The Mess Up’ and ‘Red Light Green Light’ clips, Travalley’s latest sees the pair chomp on as many chillies as possible throughout the duration of the song.

“We decided to continue the trend that these two amazing bands created, and stupidly ate as many chillies as we could within the time of the film clip. Little did we know that we ate far more than expected and experienced all sorts of pains for days after the video was filmed!” says Levi.

The band say that they’ve been using their time in coronavirus-mandated lockdown to write new music, as well as enjoy some well-deserved time to sit back and relax a little.

“But like many other bands out there, we had to cancel our entire tour and a bunch of bookings too. The biggest thing we’ve missed is playing live to our amazing fans that travel to come see us play. Once this has passed and we are able to start playing music in front of people again, we can only imagine how amazing and hyped everyone will be to get out and have a great time.”

Circumstances being as they are, Travalley will be celebrating the release of ‘Dear Babe’ with a live-streamed single launch on Saturday, 23rd May at 7pm via the band’s Instagram account.

Watch the video for ‘Dear Babe’ below.

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