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PREMIERE: Watch Gully Days Jam In A National Park In The Video For New Single ‘On Fire’

Earlier this week, Sydney’s Gully Days shared their new single ‘On Fire’. It’s a fiery, anthemic rocker anchored by fuzzed-out guitars and a refrain that hints at their nascent pop sensibilities, blending punk-infused riffs with the smooth vocals of frontman Ethan Eshuys.

It arrives alongside a video created by Sydney filmmaker Chris Zagas, which we’re premiering here today at Music Feeds. Filmed in the natural surrounds of Scheyville National Park, the band filled a Pajero with their instruments and drove to a secluded spot in the park, setting up and performing the track for wildlife and an occasional bushwalker.

“We wanted to run with a simple idea that we knew we could really nail. We wanted it to show us as we are naturally and we felt that is what is easy to connect with,” the band explain.

“In between many laughs, and a few difficult 500 meter voyages to set up, carrying oversized luggage including kick drums and guitar amps, off road driving in Lewis’s infamous Mitsubishi Pajero, we managed to get the clips we wanted of the boys out in the bush slamming their instruments and mucking around.”

Watch the video for ‘On Fire’ below.

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