PREMIERE: Venice Queens stick to their guns with new single ‘Royalty’

Adelaide indie-pop act Venice Queens are fed up with the status quo but remain determined to break it with the release of new single ‘Royalty’.

Written and released during a time where the entire music industry is in a state of uncertainty and restlessness, and while large parts of the world are under leadership that doesn’t seem to care about disenfranchised communities, ‘Royalty’ sees Venice Queen stick to their scorching and summery musical guns.

“‘Royalty’ was born out of a sense of frustration with the status quo,” the band said in a press statement.

“We hear a lot of talk about change but with ‘leaders’ like Scott Morrison and Donald Trump still being elected, it can sometimes be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel – but the light is there. The overall mood of the track, while at times sarcastic or indignant, is one of determination.

This isn’t a song about giving up. This is about the realisation that we can use our growing platform to speak up and hopefully, eventually, help to inspire change. Music is such a wonderful avenue through which to communicate and show solidarity with those not being treated justly or equally.”

Listen to ‘Royalty’ below.


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