PREMIERE: The Wildbloods Get Date-Ready In New ‘Amy Baby’ Video

Sydney outfit The Wildbloods are today unveiling the brand spanking new visuals for their latest jam ‘Amy Baby’, and we’re stoked here at Music Feeds to be giving you the first look.

Explains frontman Johnny Wildblood, ‘Amy Baby’ is about a sentiment we can surely all relate to. “‘Amy Baby’ is about having strong feelings for someone and not knowing if they feel the same way about you in return.” Johnny says he penned then track during his days as an acoustic solo artist and has watched it evolve from an acoustic jam to a jangling rock tune.

The video continues the (possibly) unrequited love narrative, following Johnny on his way to see the elusive Amy, encountering each band member along the way. Good mates as they are, they help prepare him for the encounter.

The video was filmed as one continuous shot at a Sydney park, featuring locals – pups included – in the background going about their business. “It took about 11 takes to get right with each one evolving from the next,” explain the band. “After each take we’d watch and review what we had recorded and come up with ideas to try during the next one. As soon as we had finished recording the 11th take we all knew that that was the one. It just felt right. Which was a huge relief as it was a scorching hot day.”

‘Amy Baby’ is a glimpse into The Wildbloods’ forthcoming album All The Adversity, due for release in April 2017.

The Wildbloods – ‘Amy Baby’

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