Producer Black Anthony

Black Anthony is one half of production duo Dept., who have just finished remixes of US band Walter Meego and Sneaky Sound System.

What was the most interesting trip you have every taken?

Easily Berlin. Visited a friend there and couldn’t believe she lived the debaucherus lifestyle we experienced in all 10 days!

If a spaceship landed outside right now, would you get in it and where would you ask it to take you?

Of course I would! I would see if it was available for an overnight trip to Argentina. Been wanting to go there but would like to get a taste before I commit.

What is your favourite piece of clothing and why?

That is such a girl question! My general thing at the moment is shirts, and I have 2 different white ones which are well worn.

Are you creative?

Um….. yes.

What is the best part of your job?

Well I actually have 2 jobs – making music and teaching music production. Making music is the best, but it is awesome showing people how to produce as well. I have developed a number of Short Courses through SAE Institute, where people can come and learn how to make and remix music. We are just about to start a new DJ course called ’SPIN’ too, which will be fun.

If you could go to any club and DJ with an international guest who would it be and where?

Definitely Resevby RSL with Jackson Pollock.

What one thing has happened in your life that has made the biggest impact on your life today?

I could write a clichéd “my father played a so and so record when I was a kid….”, or could honestly say the day I realised I had a talent in teaching people music production.

If you could speak to one type of animal, what would it be?

Well I’m quite jealous that PhDJ, my production partner, speaks regularly to his Rottweiler called Morrissey – I want in on that!!!

What are you reading lately?

Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. Heavy going but an interesting insight into how music affects the human brain. And Music Feeds of course!

What is the most recent album you have bought?

A best of Frank Sinatra for my grandfather.

If we were to play your iPod, what song would be next?

“Addicted” by Alan Braxe. Haven’t got round to listening to it yet…



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