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Profiles In Glory: Easy Star All-Stars

Written by Michael Carr on October 19, 2008

The Easy Star All-Stars are one of the best bands in the world. That’s a big statement you say? Well, they released dub-reggae covers of Dark Side Of The Moon (Dub Side Of The Moon) and O.K Computer (Radiodread). That’s not enough? Then factor into this that they are signed to their own New York Based label, and for the last twelve years have played over 200 shows over the last five years, including tours in the US, UK, France, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Chile, Poland, Croatia and Canada.

As a label they have produced an impressive body of work from other dub and reggae artists. They’ve given us new music from reggae legends The Meditations and Sister Carol; reissues of classic reggae from the vaults of Sugar Minott and Linval Thompson; progressive recordings from envelope-pushing acts like John Brown’s Body and Ticklah and collaborations with international reggae stars like Luciano, Anthony B and Morgan Heritage.

Having supported the growth of a scene that encompasses a wide range of reggae artists, Easy Star and The Easy Star All-Stars have consistently brought together young producers and artists with reggae legends. Massif and crew respect! Hear me now!

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Crate Digging: Dub Side Of The Moon

How many times have you sat in your room getting high listening to Dark Side Of The Moon and staring at the wall? Now ask yourself how much time you’ve wasted doing the same with Bob Marley? Well guess what the two have been fused together like twins born in Chernobyl. It’s called Dub Side Of The Moon and it’s ganjalicious.

Opening with an altered version of Speak To Me, the drop into Breathe In The Air is like easing yourself into a steaming Jacuzzi of dub. On The Run is transformed into a tripped out drum ‘n’ bass journey through hell before Time brings back the reggae bounce after it’s modern version of the alarm clock sample.

Breathe In The Air is given a groovy bass redux, with a spaced out soundscape and dub drums echoing in the background while the vocals are run through some truly ethereal delay. Money is the centrepiece to this album and my lord do they do it justice. The famous cash register sample is updated to the sound of a man punching a cone and coughing mixed to the beat, followed by some true Floyd dub glory.

The album trails out perfectly just as the original does. It’s also got four extra tracks that are all remixes of songs off the album. There’s nothing better for a lazy afternoon.

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