Quench Your Thirst With Hamjam’s New EP

Perth’s hazy pop rock outfit Hamjam have just released their self-titled debut EP, and we’ve just premiered the clip for new track Love. For readers who may be unsure of exactly how they should consume the various goodies, we’ve enlisted the help of band member, Hamish Rahn.

Hamish eschewed all requests to provide a suggested food menu for the EP, instead taking it upon himself to pair each of the EP’s tracks to specific beverages. How refreshing. Seeing as the EP is at least partially his creation, we suggest you heed his advice. Here he is:

Hello, I’m Hamish from Hamjam and this is our first release in the form of a 10″ EP. I’ve been asked to pair our songs with a food which I imagine would best accompany your listening experience. Well, I hate ham and jam so here’s some drinks instead 🙂

1. Rare Books

Accompanying Drink – Mother ‘Revive’

Here in our house, the 218 tonez0ne, we enjoy a wide array of energy drinks to keep morale high/get shit done. During the recording of this EP, we drank criminal amount of the Mother energy drink Revive that contains the herb yerba maté. Anyway, this song turned out way better than how I expected it would, thanks Ginny! Shout outs to our friend Stephen Bellair for being a yerba connoisseur.

2. Beachy

Accompanying Drink – Chardonnay/SSB

Lyrically I was trying to write something along the lines of Kendrick [Lamar]’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.” It didn’t work and is way shitter obviously, but you get the idea 🙂 Serve with a cold white wine because the song is fruity as, m8.

3. No Time

Accompanying Drink – Rockstar Guava

The most turn it up song, temp-wise at least, on this EP. For anyone that has sampled the syrup overload that is Rockstar Guava, I’m sure you will understand the connection. I think we set the tempo based on our heart rates after a 750ml can. This makes me anxious just listening back. Shout-outs to guitar solos.

Watch: Hamjam – Love

4. Love

Accompanying Drink – 5/6 Beers

This is the first song I ever finished. It has changed so many times I can’t even remember what it used to sound like. Anyway, it’s basically about my inability to make wise decisions when chance encounters of a fun/sexual nature arise. Cool. Best served with 5/6 beers so you too can make questionable decisions 🙂

5. Fishing

Accompanying Drink – Pineapple Fanta w/ Codeine

This song changes tempo a lot, so I guess it’d have to be paired with a Fanta infused with a codeine tablet. Sugar/codeine/sugar/codeine – up, down, up, down, etc. This song is about waiting around for mates, really cryptic. Shout outs to the swan river for being really beautiful.


Hamjam’s self-titled EP is available now via iTunes.

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