PREMIERE: The Terrifying Lows Share Grungy Debut Cut ‘Cool With It’

You never know exactly when genius will strike. For Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott, it happened to strike while strolling through his backyard. It was here that the first lines of his brand new single ‘Cool With It’ first revealed themselves. The track came together in the blink of an eye from that point, and is spinning for the first time today on Music Feeds.

Powered by a devil may care guitar riff, and populated with an equally as care-free level of fuzz, ‘Cool With It’ is a worthy offering to the gods of grunge. Thematically, Millot found himself mulling over a particularly toxic courtship, perhaps one that needs to be examined through new lenses. “It gets so hard to be cool with it,” he croons throughout the song, echoing a sentiment that this writer finds far too relatable to admit in a publicly read article.

Speaking on the track, Millott reveals: “The whole song came out very quickly because I think I had something to get off my chest. I was walking around my backyard singing the chorus, and I realised it was an original idea, and it just stemmed from there. It was a classic case of the song being written at the last minute, coming out very naturally and very quickly (within the space of 10 minutes). I realised it was probably one of my better songs. It just hit home.”

Even though ‘Cool With It’ might be the first official offering from The Terrifying Lows, Tyler Millott already has some impressive feathers in his cap on the live front, sharing stages, crowds and in some cases soundboards with the likes of Ali Barter, Husky, Gretta Ray and Ben Wright Smith.

The Terrifying Lows are sure to be replaced by dizzying highs for Millot, beginning early next month with an official release party announced in the good name of Cool With It.


The Terrifying Lows

Cool With It Launch Party

W/ Girlatones and Francesca Gonzalez (solo)

Thursday, 7th June

The Workers Club, Melbourne

Tickets: OzTix

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