Resin Dogs

Music Feeds caught up with Katch from Brisbane hip-hop legends, the Resin Dogs, to find out what they’ve been up to the last few months; to talk festival vibes, remix actions and overseas adventures.

MF: So, Katch, what have you and the other ’Dogs been up to?

Katch: We’ve got a remix album coming out on November 19. We got heaps of people re-doing tracks off the last album. Dudes like Plutonic Lab; Chasm; some local kids – dudes from around our way; a dude called Barking Soul; the keyboardist from our band; a group called Too Fresh, which is basically Kid Kenobi and his brothers remixing stuff; and I ended up doing one.

MF: How are the preparations for the upcoming Pyramid Festival in Victoria going?

K: We’re just about to do some rehearsals for it so just trying to work out some bits and pieces. Hopefully we’re gonna try and do some of the older stuff – work that in. I hear we’ve got a bit of a longer set so we’ll try and throw in some of the tunes from the record that we never get to play.

MF: How is the current beats scene in Brisbane?

K: It’s definitely changed in a lot of ways. There seem to be a lot more festivals, a lot of dance orientated nights as opposed to the more rock sort of thing. The hip-hop scene and the beats scene have small little pockets everywhere, which is quite good. It’s good to see that it hasn’t actually died out and dudes have broken off to do their own thing. Like there’s instrumental beats scenes from dudes who do the old-school trip hop sorta thing, then there’s kids who are fully into the rap, then there’s the dubstep and drum’n’bass cats as well.

MF: How have your recent overseas ventures been received?

K: It’s been going quite well. In February, the album is getting released in the UK and France – hopefully that is gonna do well. We’ve been trying to push for New Zealand, we’ve been getting some good radio play over there; we just want to get it in stores. And our manager is trying Japan to see what the vibe is there. The French release is on a label called Dubcore that looks after not just France but Spain, Germany and Austria, which should be great.

We’ve done about five trips overseas and that’s pretty much been leading up to the release of this record. Probably next time we’ll take a smaller version of the band – last time we took about eight or nine people, which was ridiculous. We fell just short of breaking even but its still a good experience, it was pretty exciting – we did a lot of shows. I think we did about thirty shows. It’s very testing times, you know, that many people in a van; sort of testing each other’s nerves. And it’s hard when they’re not massive paying shows either; you kind of have to start all over again.

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