Royal Chant – Raise Your Glasses

Whats a garage band? Kids who play in their parent two car garage? A recording software program made by apple? Or is a raw, primal rock sound that shaped a million bands across the globe? Royal Chant describe themselves as Garage, Loud and catchy. Their debut album “Raise Your Glass & Collapse” has just dropped and the band are doing their best to make you notice how good it is. Starting with some shows with Perth band Lacey including a visit to MUM @ World Bar on the 18th. Mark Spence was kind enough to answer a few questions about the band and the up coming show.

Music Feeds: What’s new for Royal Chant?

Royal Chant: Well, we’re glad you asked.  We have our debut LP Raise Your Glass & Collapse ready to go, and generally we’re playing shows on any stage that will have us.  That number tends to vary depending on the lunar calendar.

MF: Give our readers a history lesson on the band and your sound?

RC: We’re a garage band.  Start with that and follow the thread.  For better or for worse, we play stuff that is loud, catchy, and singable.  Things tend to get smashed and people tend to get naked at our gigs.  That sort of thing.

MF: Tell us a bit about the new album “Raise Your Glass & Collapse”?

RC: It was done on a budget, so we played FAST.  It’s raw and real, and for the first time in our existence we are genuinely proud of what we have created.  Our producer, Shane Fahey, was a genuine foil in the process, and was constantly pushing us to go farther, faster, & beyond.  Overall, it is a brutally honest record.  Every song on this record is better anything else you’ve been listening to.  That might be a scientific fact.

MF: What bands inspire Royal Chant?

RC: I can only speak for myself, but I’d like to think that The Pogues, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Bob Dylan, R.E.M., & Nirvana all find some space in our music.  It’s pop, you know, but royally effed up.

MF: When not playing music what can we find the band members doing?

RC: Me: reading/writing/surfing/cat tending

Matt (drums): film reviews

Brendan (guitars/vox): smoking/literary criticism/philosophy

Justin (bass/vox): laughing

MF: You’re doing some shows with Perth band Lacey including the MUM show on the 18th, what can we expect from your set?

RC: Nudity.  Full frontal.  We might play some new songs as well.

MF: What’s the first song you’d put onto a mix tape?

RC: “Wig In A Box”, from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch Soundtrack.  Pure gold.

Royal Chant will be at [email protected] Bar on March 18th along with Lacey and Post Paint.

Their album is available now through their band camp page

Mum @ Worldbar Every Friday Kingscross

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