Snowtunes Artists On The 3 Essential Items They’re Packing For This Weekend’s Snow Trip

Australia’s best and biggest snow festival Snowtunes returns to the New South Wales’ snow town of Jindabyne this weekend for its fourth year.

The two-day festival’s hot lineup grows each and every year and 2018’s roster is chock-full of Aussie favourites like Violent Soho, The Smith Street Band and Meg Mac, as well as plenty of up-and-coming acts to be excited about.

We caught up with some of this year’s Snowtunes artists, and asked which three essential items they’ll be packing for this weekend’s snow trip — and it turns out no one’s prepared to let cracked lips or cold tootsies spoil their weekend.

Rash Bandicoot

1. Extra socks!! 100% need to have some extra pairs especially if you are planning on

hitting the slopes. Nothing worse than wet feet in the cold!! 

2. Portable phone charger: With a lineup that huge I know for fact I will be whipping out my phone non stop and instagramming the whole weekend! 

3. A bum bag! These seem to be the newest trend of late and I have to say I’m 100% pro bum bag! They are so handy to keep your essentials in at a festival like Snowtunes. An extra little tip is to pack a ziplock bag inside it so everything is somewhat waterproofed.

Thandi Phoenix

1. Lip balm because I keep these babies juicy.

2. Every warm jumper and sock I own.

3. Berocca + my unicorn eye mask for the next day recovery.


1. A massive snow jacket – it gets cold at night and it’s best to be safe and warm as you

heat up from the excitement and forget when the festival is over.


2. Gloves – for warmth not crime… 

3. Anti snow monster spray – after last year’s attack I’ve gotta play it safe from now on. He won’t win round 2! 


1. Sleeping bags. Haven’t organised accommodation so if we can’t find a couple of couches, then we will cuddle up under a tree somewhere.

2. We got this little Gimbal so we can take some footage on our iPhones. Works a treat. We will be shaking like a leaf after a night in a sleeping bag so it will come in handy. 

3. Snowboards. It’d be rude not to have a crack at the slopes. Neither of us have been to Thredbo so we are pretty excited. Chuck the wrist guards in as well. 


1. Milo

2. Socks

3. Jocks

Going to the snow without some Milo and a pair of fresh socks and jocks is just asking for a cold, bad time.

Wrong Milo maybe, but we can dream…


1. Hot Hands Hand Warmers! They’re Cheap from Chemist Warehouse! I took them to Splendour and I put in my coat pockets and it was a life saver, I could actually play as my fingers didn’t freeze off.

2. Tampons & Pads (For The Ladies). You never know when you or your girlfriends may be in need! I am the friend that always asks around for any pads because I always forgot to pack them!

3. Paw Paw Cream. Because no one wants a kiss with super cracked lips.

Snowtunes kicks off this weekend in Jindabyne, NSW. Head here for details.

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