Sun Sets at Fringe Bar


Chris Arnott meets me in the honeymoon suite at the Hilton Hotel. I have readied the sauna for his arrival and placed bouquets of fresh roses on every available surface, strewing the bed with the fragrant loose petals. I hear his knock on the door and my heart jumps. I feel a tingle down my spine. He’s here!

We sit on the lounge like lovers, legs entwined, hands holding delicate flutes of champagne. I place my hand under his chin and slowly turn his face towards mine. Leaning closer, I look into his eyes and quietly ask “Where’d ya get the name Sunsets from, eh?”

“At the beginning I was so fuckin stoked to be able to put on our own gigs, in a pub that would give our punters free beer, that I didn’t even think about the name. One of the Fringe Bar dudes threw around Sunsets and it just stuck. I enjoy that it is both cryptic and original.” Just like you Chris, my sweet prince of experimental folkpop.

I refill Chris’ glass and wedge a strawberry onto the lip. Slowly I lick the coconut off a lamington and drool it into his glass. I smear the rest of the lamington on my chest, it leaves a trail of chocolate and cake pointing towards my bulging crotch, but Chris seems not to notice. “So, sugarhoney funnydumpling, how did your album launch go the other week?”

“The launch went great man. I’m so used to playing and recording solo. This time I had a motley crew of lads playing with me, so it was a dream start to a new release. Being able to start alone and build up to a full 6 piece was awesome. The band are on the single and B-sides so it’s a different colour to my last release ‘Far Beyond The Exits.’”

O Chris, your voice is like a megaphone, impersonally blaring the order to love you into my bleeding ears. I want him. I need him. I must have him. He senses my urgency and puts on another pair of pants, refusing to meet my eye as he talks about the idea behind Sunsets.

“There is a massive hunger for live music, everyone wants it. And the more people are exposed to it the more they’ll want and expect it. I wanted to do a night run by musicians for musicians and music lovers. So many “promoters” just pimp the bands and their audience, one of our acts even told us they had to pay to play a recent show and that just pisses me off. I like having a gig where all the acts walk a way with a bit of cash, have a decent rider so they can eat free and get a little boozed and play to an enthusiastic crowd. I also wanted to make a night where, as an audience, it doesn’t matter if you know who’s playing you know it’s gonna be good quality music. We now have heaps of regulars that come each week regardless of the line-up so I’m pretty damn happy with that.”

Sun Sets is held weekly at The Fringe Bar in Paddington on Sundays. Entry is only $8 and includes a free drink, so get down there and hopefully you’ll have a chance at getting in to Chris’ underpants.

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