The Cultural Cringe: With Nick Mason

My name is Nick Mason and I am a music journalist based in Melbourne. For the longest time, my expertise has involved conducting interviews with bands and artists and producing reviews of the work. Through this new series, I seek to explore brand new pastures and flex a few creative muscles, abandoning star-ratings and press releases for a new lease of life where local and international music is concerned.

The Cultural Cringe will quickly emerge a rag-bag blog with shape-shifting appeal. While readers should expect a series of staunch serious commentaries designed to dredge up issues and shake muddy waters, an on-again off-again indulgence in satirical absurdity will also feature.

The reason for this constant metamorphosis stems from the following deduction: if you happen to love what you read here, you’ll have reason to come back, in the hope that such a standard will be maintained over the course of the series. If you hate what you read, you’ll have reason to come back, secure in the knowledge that you may not have to endure the same old rubbish from post to post. The Cultural Cringe will indeed cater for all tastes.

Essentially, however, if you love a light-hearted look at music both past and present as much as you enjoy your staunch editorials on the same subject, you’re bound to enjoy The Cultural Cringe with myself, Nick Mason.

PS. If you wish to contact me for feedback / unqualified abuse, go to Twitter (@Dancersizer).

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