The Holidays

Having a band name that represents leisure, recreation, celebration and joy, The Holidays are all you imagine them to be. They’re laid back, chilled and stress free.

After speaking with lead singer Simon Jones, I can confirm he epitomises all the images the band name conjures: a laid back approach to a journey they’ve had fun succeeding in.

2008 wasn’t a walk in the park for this group. Releasing two EPs and playing over a hundred shows around the nation, trying to “tighten up as musicians & getting in the string as a touring band” left them creatively stretched to the limit.

The result of their efforts is something quite unique. A new sound has emerged from The Holidays.

The absolute enjoyment experienced both on tour and producing their EPs has shone through in their unique musical interpretation. It feels like a vacation.

Not to mention in the past touring with some world famous artists such as Ben Kweller and Jamie T & The Wombats. Simon described 2008 as “fun,” however 2009 has seen a different approach.

Being a studio band, ”which is cool in it’s own way” is where The Holidays aim to be through this first half of the year. The last show they played was over the New Year peak at the Falls Festival. The time has nearly come to hit the road again.

The Holidays have developed a routine that works, which is bringing out the creativity they have as a band. Recording demos in a home studio and putting the finishing touches on their debut album, they hope to have it released by the end of the year.

Simon is quite excited. The energy emitting from the band is nearly palpable. The album has come with its own challenges. Sitting down and working out what direction to head in, making the conscious decision not to go down the same tracks as the last two EPs has seen them “broadening their horizons” and changing the vibe of the group.

They’ve pulled it off. This is it, the music they’ve wanted to write and produce.

The new stuff still holds traces of the old Holidays that you know and love but you can cancel out the “indie rock” in a creative detour for the band. You may be surprised, maybe shocked. It’s going to be a challenge to play it all live as Simon gives me the brief on what we can expect to dance to.

On the cards for their new stuff is a funky, slow afro beat. You should bring along your “conga drums & shaker’s” as you may intentionally want to join along with them. An expectant crowd might be surprised by the new approach, maybe others will be as pleased as the group themselves.

The Holidays are on the road in the second half on 09 through to 2010.

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