The Most Viewed Radiohead Clips On The Web

With their Australian tour tickets selling out in minutes today and scalpers jacking up prices to ridiculous levels – there’s a good chance Radiohead fans have (or haven’t) been hitting up YouTube to take a look at some clips of the band to ease the pain.

Music Feeds has put together a list of the most-viewed Radiohead videos on YouTube to mark the occasion – and unsurprisingly, the clips to some of their biggest tunes lead the way.

Two videos of Creep, uploaded by different users, have amassed over 36 million views between them.  The one on UK record label Parlophone’s channel has gathered almost 23.3 million, while the same clip on the “BVMTV Alternative’ channel has had 13.1 million hits.

Showing the impact of new technology and the way punters consume their content – the clips to singles from two of their newer songs are next on the list.  Lotus Flower off last year’s album The King Of Limbs and House Of Cards from 2008’s In Rainbows – both have 15.8 million hits each.

Rounding out the top 5 songs are two tracks from what is regarded as their definitive album – 1997’s OK Computer. Karma Police has 5.3 million views, while No Surprises has clocked up a tidy 4.7 million views.


In terms of live clips – a performance of Paranoid Android on Later… with Jules Holland back in 1997 has over 3.3 million views.


Weezer’s cover of it has 1.1 million views.

And in terms of the most-viewed cover – Homeless Mustard’s cover of Creep – billed in the title as the “GREATEST COVER EVER” has clocked up 6.1 million views.

What are your favourite Radiohead clips of all time? Are there ones out there you know of which have got more views or are better than the ones we’ve listed?  Let us know below.

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