The Future: The Singularity Is Near… And It’s Got A Great Riff.

I’ve always been interesting in writing about music, but as I’ve grown up and read more and more music writing, I guess I’ve come to realise that both music and music writing are changing rapidly. It’s a result of the evolution of technology, culture, politics, the internet and much more – and it’s fascinating.

I’ve been writing about music and art since 2006, and even since that time the way I discover, consume and enjoy music has changed massively. The music that I’m surrounded by is so diverse in genre and production that my new mission as a writer – or at least as the writer of this blog – is to analyse how contemporary music and contemporary lovers of music fit in to our world and where we might be headed.

Expect writing about new technology, the internet, licensing, consumer behaviour, new sounds, old sounds, philosophy, cultural theory and more. This is not just about experimental music, dubstep, electronica, etc. It’s about the evolution of pop, it’s about live music, and it’s about the why and how of music. See you in the future….

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