The Strides Interview – Xmas Burlesque BBQ

The Strides will wrap up their Australian tour with a headline slot at the Xmas Burlesque BBQ at Valve Bar in Tempe. The line-up also features Xanthopan and Fait Accompli along with Burlesque acts Bunni Lambada, Evie Va Voom and Memphis Mae.

Music Feeds caught up with The Strides to find out what they will bring to the party on December 23rd

MF: So you guys are playing the Xmas Burlesque BBQ, sounds like a fun way to spend the festive season wouldn’t you agree? I can think of a lot worse things than sitting at a BBQ with plenty of scantily clad women?

S: Plenty of scantily clad women! Man … will have to keep a short leash on the boys that night!

Na … we are really looking forward to the show; it’s actually going to be an end of tour party for us. After 6 weeks on the road, it will be a great way to celebrate!

MF: What would you usually be doing for Xmas if you weren’t doing this?

S:I’d be at my grandmas joint where there would be no scantily clad women…

MF: You guys are well know for your high energy live shows and getting everyone dancing. Are you going to have any of the girls dancing with you onstage for this show, or will they just be dancing in the crowd with everyone else?

S: I hope so! It hasn’t been discussed yet, but I’m sure none of the boys will have any objections to the girls joining us stage.

MF: This being a Christmas show, are you planning any Christmas numbers, like a dub reggae version of Silent Night or and Afrobeat version of Jingle Bells? Any other xmas surprises lined up?

S: Ha ha … yeah, anything is possible? Actually, to tell you the truth, if I heard a band try an Afrobeat version of Jingle Bells I’d probably gag … but a dub version of Silent Night could be cool?? … maybe?

We are playing a Xmas Reggae Party in Nimbin on the 17th, so we’ll use that as the “guinea pig” and see what works?

MF: I like that you guys are playing on Xmas though, it’s like a big ‘fuck you’ to people in the northern hemisphere who rant on about white Christmas. You guys are like the most summer and hot weather band, very Australian summer don’t you agree?

S: Yeah, what’s this white Xmas shit anyway? Sounds like racist bullshit to me! Our lead singer is black, so I spose it is a big ‘fuck you’ to all those ‘white Xmas’ lovers! Ha ha … just joking ☺

Yeah, we definitely function better in the hot weather. We tried touring in July this year and it was bad news. Our MC Ltl Gzeus is from Fiji, so he wasn’t coping at all, he looked like an Eskimo with his layers. (Hope he doesn’t read that …)

MF: You released your album back in 2009; any plans on a new release at some point in the future?

S: We actually released our latest album Reclamation in Feb this year, so we’ve been pretty busy trying to tour and promote that. There are definitely new tracks creeping into the mix, so we’ll be looking to record again some time in mid to late 2012.

MF: You guys play a lot; do you like touring and life on the road, or is it just a necessity to stay at it?

S: I feel pretty confident to speak on behalf of us all in saying that touring with this band is a lot of fun and we all really love it. It definitely takes it’s toll on your physical and mental health at times, but it’s always worth it! I’m saying this at the tail end of a six-week national tour, so it can’t be all that bad.

This band is definitely made up of the biggest characters I’ve ever met, and every day on the road some hilarious shit goes down that I’ll never forget. Then getting to play reggae, Afrobeat, dub, dance hall and hip hop music night after night to amazing audiences with a bunch of my favourite musicians and best mates … there’s definitely nothing I’d rather be doing.

The Strides play the Xmas Burlesque BBQ on December 23rd at Valve Bar and Venue (900 Princes Highway, Tempe).


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