The Young Heretics – Deep in your heart

The Young Heretics are a brother/sister combo with penchant for expansive sounds and creative intentions. Coming up to Sydney to play MUM @ World Bar on November 26, the duo is looking forward to getting a good crowd to soak in the positive vibes. Matthew Wright (who also fronts The Getaway Plan) let us in on the Young Heretics and what to expect at their shows.

MF: Give us a rundown on Young Heretics?

MW: We are noisy! We are deep in your heart!

MF: Tell us about the debut album We Are The Lost Loves?

MW: This album is a scrapbook of stuff we made when we were younger and recorded last year with 60+ other musicians. It has sound effects from Lord Of The Rings OMG!

MF: Which bands/artists have inspired Young Heretics sound?

MW: Worlds End Girlfriend, Robert Miles, Resident Evil (games) theme music.

MF: What are the difficulties of being in a band with your sibling?

MW: Mitty stealing my clothes. I guess we steal each other’s. Oh geez.

MF: What’s in store for the band in 2011?

MW: We are going to take it easy for the first half and then get ready our second album late in the year.

MF: What can Music Feeders expect from your gig at [email protected] World Bar November 26th?

MW: A magical explosion of love between us and those mega babes, The Cairos.

MF: If you were to make a mix tape, what’s the first track you’d put on?

MW: How We Do. (Mt Sims)

The Young Heretics play Mum @ Worldbar This Friday 26th November

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