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Image for Strum A Note Up In The Wires: Beta Wolf – Thee Attacks. Berlin, Germany

Strum A Note Up In The Wires: Beta Wolf – Thee Attacks. Berlin, Germany

Written by Jules Innocenzi on October 15, 2012

I tried the doof doof clubs in Berlin, I really did. And while that was an amazingly unique experience, it just doesn’t beat the live music scene I’ve been lucky enough to submerge myself in here in Berlin. BERLIN: a city too cool for the coolest hipster, a city with amazing graffiti art on every corner, the best collection of restaurants with international cuisine, and an impressive indie music scene. It really is Melbourne on crack, as I was told before arriving.

White Trash, a cool little bar, restaurant and live venue, is where I met Thee Attacks touring their latest album Dirty Sheets. They’re a foursome of super nice guys from Denmark who played a killer set of original tunes and absolutely blew the minds of everyone watching, with their high energy, catchy as hell music, and if I may speak plainly, their complete rock sexiness.

Thee Attacks are a pretty well-established band. Their debut, That’s Mister Attack To You was released in 2010, and their latest Dirty Sheets, was released just last month. Their sound is mod, gritty, 60’s style rock, reminiscent of a combination of The Stokes and Razorlight, but more energetic live.

Watch: So Cold by Thee Attacks

The way they got the crowd pumping was a sight to be seen. There’s always a little bit of shyness with a crowd at the start of a gig where the band is new to them, but Thee Attacks got people on their feet pretty quickly, jumping and dancing like crazy at the front of the stage. Lead vocalist Jimmy was climbing chairs and tables whilst belting out love-laden lyrics, and basically sticking it to the man – in this case it was the venue who seemed to place restrictions on the band that night, which meant they had to split their set in two. This wasn’t a bad thing for us punters though, it just meant we got to witness their awesomeness twice. A northern English lad with our crowd managed to get the boys to play an encore, and it didn’t take much convincing with the crowd screaming and whistling for more.

The boys are touring Europe promoting Dirty Sheets (a fabulous collection of rock tunes) now, and if you’re in the area, you can check out their tour dates here Although already pretty well-established with two accomplished albums under their belt,  I hope I’m right in saying bigger things will happen for Thee Attacks. Thanks for an amazing night of live music boys!


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