Sarah Kelly tells me theredsunband have been “taking some time off to write some new music.” That’s something I’ve heard quite a bit lately. I’ve heard it from a lot of different musicians. I guess it’s just that time of the year.

Having released their last album, The Shiralee, in June 2008, we haven’t heard much from the band in a while. Sarah tells me the story behind the album, and mentions a completely valid reason for their hiatus.

“We recorded it over ten days in early 2006. We spent quite a while mixing it, and between that we started our own record label, so that took up a lot of our time.”

That’s a dream I think many musicians could appreciate. She notes that it wasn’t the easiest endeavour, but a rewarding one.

“It was interesting. It was good to know that every album we sold we’d be seeing money from. Then there’s marketing that you’ve got to spend money on too, so it’s probably a costly venture but it was interesting to see it all from start to finish.”

Having recorded their first two albums in Melbourne, I ask where they plan on laying down some new material. After all, there are plenty of quality studios the band could use in their hometown of Sydney. Sarah explains that the move helped them get motivated.

“I guess it’s good to go somewhere different to record. We can be pretty lazy, so a change of scenery was good to get us motivated. I think the next album we’ll record in Sydney.”

Theredsunband write their “pretty loud, dark, heavy, sad dream-pop” by delegation.

“I write most of the songs, then I’ll take them to the band and they each write their own parts. I don’t write the keyboard parts, for instance. I think we’re all at a point now that we’ve been together so long we just know what we’re looking for. We’re aware of the kind of sound we’re after, so we just go for it.”

I have to ask about the various places the band has adopted as creative spaces to write.

“I think writing as a band it’s important to have a space dedicated to that. You know, you all shack up in a house and just concentrate on writing. We can be lazy, normally we might just go down to the pub instead of recording, so it’s good to have somewhere to focus your attention.”

Having kept quiet for a while, Sarah admits she might be missing the attention.

“I’m kind of starting to miss the touring a bit actually. Just getting out there on the road, driving from place to place.”

Their next notable public appearance will be at the Essential Festival over the Anzac day weekend. Sarah is looking forward to it.

“Yeah, it should be good. It’s a good place to have a festival. The venues are all in close proximity to each other so you don’t have to walk too far.”

Hard working at times, lazy at others. I’m starting to like these girls more and more.

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