Image for Celadore, The Oxford Art Factory – 24/07/2010

Celadore, The Oxford Art Factory – 24/07/2010

Written by Jason Strange on July 27, 2010

As the small room in the Oxford Art Factory filled, Decorated Generals hit the stage for a showcase set of their psychedelic based indie rock. The Sydneysiders expansive rock sound reminded me of some of the great bands of the seventies. Think The Doors, think a little bit of Led Zeppelin. It’s the kind of music you would listen to driving through the American desert in an old car (drug use optional). One thing that did impress me was the way they incorporated trumpet into their sound. I wouldn’t have thought brass would work in that environment, but for the Decorated Generals, it helps add another dimension to the tracks.

Headliners Melbourne’s three piece Celadore, touring on the back of their new EP Distance Is A Gun, played a great set despite some obvious distractions. First off was the police wandering around the room, which made everyone feel slightly uncomfortable. Then during the band’s set the projector was showing a Rolling Stones documentary made in the late sixties and for most of the set the images on the screen behind them were of covers of porn magazines. Despite these distractions, the band played through with their melodic rock. At times sounding like Powderfinger’s emotive rock, at times sounding like Gyroscope’s pop hooks and at other times like After The Fall’s intensity; Celadore were impressive. The crowd really got into their set and it seemed a shame to only get half an hour when a band plays this good.

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