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Dragonforce – The Metro Theatre, 28th October 2008

DragonForce are a band that defy belief. Having sold out their first show at The Metro, these lords of power metal returned for their second night in a row with the unfettered ferocity of a rhino in heat.

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman were quite amazing. Making use of everything from their tongues to their thighs to garner grunge from their guitars, they never once looked hard pressed to be playing what they play. I don’t know what these guys did to be this good, but one gets the feeling it’s probably illegal, but most definitely worth it.

Keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov must have smoked some bad granola or something as he spent the whole show in a frenzy of flailing limbs, frazzled hair and furious solos. On the theremin at one time, a keytar the next, a drum machine at others and once in a while his keyboard, the man was possessed.

The highlight of the show for me though was definitely the keyboard solo. Vad, along with bassist Frederic Leclercq on guitar, took over the stage in the middle of the show for an interlude of visceral and indulgent solos, both decked out in matching red jackets in recognition of our upcoming hip hop issue. There was call and response duelling, lots of little dance offs and back to back soloing and a bunch of other ridiculous shit to make your mama moist.

The only problem with the show was that after about one song, it all starts to sound the same. Totman even said so when the fans were clamouring for an encore, asking between beer #9 and 10 “what? You just heard two hours of songs that sound the same and you still want more?” The answer was an obvious yes and the song that made them famous via Guitar Hero, Through The Fire And Into The Flames came thundering from the stage in all its masturbatory glory.

Great show, great fun, but it just makes me sad that so many people must actually take the band seriously.

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