Metronomy – Sydney, Metro Theatre 28/07/14

Metronomy may still be riding the waves of the ripple effect from The English Riviera but they are a prime example of a live outfit that can and will out-play their recordings. Successfully melding older tunes together with current album Love Letters, the British electro-pop group captivated everyone from Metro floor to balcony.

We were eased into the evening with Monstrous, giving everyone time to appreciate the kitsch stage set-up. Clouds hung above band members’ heads and pink, blue and yellow lights illuminated the keyboards. It was during an early airing of The Look when the show came to life, as bassist and vocalist Gbenga Adelekan took the reins from frontman Joe Mount, playing the role of crowd motivator.

She Wants edged on in and Oscar Cash jumped off the keyboards to try his hand at the tambourine and get in on the action. Eccentric instrumental Boy Racers broke up the night, revealing the group’s ability to create catchy tunes without need for a chorus. If anyone still needed convincing that now was the time to dance, flashing blue and white lights streamed onstage before being overwhelmed by a heavy, pulsating strobe. A grand spotlight finally exposed the crowd, making sure everyone was still awake.

Newer tunes Call Me and Love Letters were played before Joe confessed to the crowd that it was sad news that the band was flying home to England the next day. “You’re all very attractive!” he screamed. It must be tough to leave us.

Drummer Anna Prior took the lead on Everything Goes My Way. The revolving door continued spinning as she joined Oscar on the keyboard to sing backing vocals as Joe led the way with I’m Aquarius, one of the night’s standouts. A smile flashed across Anna’s face as she looked out over a sea of frantic jumping and singing.

An unexpected centre stage takeover by Oscar ensured each band member got an introduction. And when it was time to close on The Bay it was, of course, the singalong moment of the evening: “Because this isn’t Paris / And this isn’t London.

The encore was enthusiastically welcomed by thunderous hammering of feet, whistles and yells. Heartbreaker sounded and was charged with blasting drums and guitar, yet another twist in this evening’s plot. Rocking out defiantly they bid Australia farewell for now ahead of their undesired journey back to the mother country.

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