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Laneway 2012 – DZ DEATHRAYS

There’s no time to ease into the day as DZ DEATHRAYS takes to the stage. The Brisbane duo immediately force-feed you their heavy brand of rock n roll then proceed to slap the taste outta’ your mouth.

Louder then most 5 pieces, DZ DEATHRAYS unload on the Laneway audience. The crowd is a little too hot and a little too sober to completely let loose but then energy onstage is infectious. Simon Ridley looks like he’s having the time of his life bashing the hell out of his drum kit, while Shane Parsons howls his lyrics and screeches his guitar with the spirit of rock n roll.

Latest single No Sleep from their upcoming LP proves popular, but really it’s hard to pick a standout moment as the entire set is consistently unabashed and untamed. There’s no doubt the boys have won over some new fans today. Holy Shit, it’s DZ DEATHRAYS

Check out: DZ DEATHRAY Laneway Sydney Photos here.

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