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Laneway 2012 – M83

A full moon looks down upon Sydney’s College of the Arts as headlining act M83 prepare to close out Laneway.

As the end of the night draws nigh some festival goers are starting to look a little worse for wear. Some have had a little too much sun, others a little too much ‘fun’ but nevertheless they have turned up in droves to see M83 perform.

When Anthony Gonzalez and his collection of bandmates turn up and plug in, a ripple of energy rushes through the audience – reaching from those at the barrier all the way to the back. There’s an intangible quality to M83’s sound. Something that resonates within and makes you break out in goosebumps even when you’re covered in sweat. The combination of Gonzalez and Morgan Kibby’s vocals, Loic Maurin’s drumming and those uplifting synths envelope the surrounding area.

Perhaps no song is more impactful than M83’s Midnight City, which although plays before 10pm, still serves as an accurate summary of Laneway behind the line “The city is my church, it wraps me in the sparkling twilight”

Loud but never harsh, M83 are the perfect nightcap to an amazing day

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