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Laneway 2012 – The Panics

Appearing on the car park stage, The Panics inoffensive twang is the perfect soundtrack to the slowly setting sun.

Appealing to a slightly older demographic, there’s an abnormal amount of 35-plus-year-olds gathered together for a music festival.

Of course that’s not to say more youthful fans haven’t come to absorb The Panics. It’s a fairly balanced mix of the young and the not-quite-as-young milling about; seemingly just as content to interact with each other as with the music. There are two exceptions however, a couple of contemporary hippies are filled with the dancing spirit, though the music in their heads may not be the same as the music coming from the stage.

The Panics rifle through their vast collection of mid-tempo songs, picking up the pace towards the end playing fan favourites Cruel Guards, Don’t Fight It and Majesty off last year’s record Rain On The Humming Wire. The lads from Perth say goodbye to the audience and wrap up another tight show, as usual.

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