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Image for Sigur Rós with: Pivot – The Hordern Pavillion 2nd August 2008

Sigur Rós with: Pivot – The Hordern Pavillion 2nd August 2008

Written by Michael Carr on August 15, 2008

As Sigur came on, I was instantly shocked as there was no Amina. There were a lot of songs off Takk…, with Hoppiopolla, Saeglopur and Glosoli all making the cut. Se Lest got the crowd gasping when the horn section marched on stage, this being the first time they had brought horns to Australia.
But the moment they started playing the new shit, I began to lose interest. The songs have no dynamics, favouring a more verse chorus rock structure, which is far less engaging live than previous material.

They finished the set with their new single Gobbledigook, firing off some confetti into the crowds as more rained down from the ceiling. Thankfully they came back on and performed Pop Song, traditionally the last song they ever play. But it all fucked up as they missed a beat right where the intro peaks into the fire and brimstone crescendo.

They came out and did their customary bow before coming back on stage a third time to perform All Alright, their first song ever to be written entirely in English followed by yet another bow. While it was still quite spectacular, compared to their other shows it didn’t even hold a candle.

Photo by Reef Gaha

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